Retiree's Lunch

11/07/2017 — November 7, 2017 we will meet at Richland Community College - Five Thirty Seven Bistro in Decatur, IL at Noon. Please come and enjoy a good lunch and good friends.

Union Meeting

11/14/2017 — 6:00 p.m. - Please plan to attend. Sandwiches will be served with an opportunity to visit with your Union brothers & sisters!

Executive Board Meeting

11/28/2017 — Meeting begins at 6:00 pm. You are welcome to come before the E-Board at any time with requests. Call ahead to be placed on the agenda.

Which Are You?

Some members
keep their Union strong,
While others join
and just belong;

Some dig right in;
some serve with pride;
Some go along
just for the ride.

Some volunteer
to do their share;
While some lay back
and just don't care.

On meeting nights
some always show;
While there are those
who never go.

Some always pay
their dues ahead;
Some get behind
for months instead.

Some do their best;
some build; some make;
Some never give,
but always take.

Some lag behind;
some let things go;
Some never help
their Union grow.

Some drag; some pull;
some don't some do;
Which of these are YOU?